Solar Energy Systems by Misaf Energy

Due to current deficit of electricity and the need for more green energy, Solar Energy is where most people find the answer. Solar Power Systems that are generally installed in Pakistan are divided into three basic categories.

On-Grid solar power systems

Hybrid solar power systems

Off-Grid solar power systems

On grid / Grid Tied Systems

Grid tied systems are among the most popular solar power systems installed in Pakistan. The Inverters in On-Grid solar power systems are directly connected to the national grid. This direct connection allows the system to export surplus electricity to the national grid and create a negative utility bill. Normally, there are no batteries connected to the system. Moreover, Grid Tied inverters operate only when they detect the grid. If the utility supply is not present, the Solar Power System will not function.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid Solar Power Systems are commonly installed in residential properties. This Solar energy System is designed to select between utility/grid power, solar power and battery power in a sequence programmed by the users. Hybrid Solar Power system has many operational functions to choose from. Normally, Hybrid Solar Power Systems do not export electricity to national grid.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off Grid Solar Power Systems are installed in places where there is limited or no access to national grid. Off Grid Solar Power Systems are stand alone solar power systems that run on only two power sources namely sun and batteries. This is the reason that makes it a little expensive. However, if an Off Grid solar Power System is installed with precise calculations, it can guarantee electrical independence to all.